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Desktop App Development

We build scalable desktop applications to fit the needs of each individual customer

Mobile App Development

Let us usher your enterprise into the mobile age by building custom, secure and efficient apps to power your business

Web App Development

We develop mobile responsive web applications to meet the specific requirements of each customer



Build data driven apps and services to give your company the edge in delivery of new content. Whether you are a small NGO or a large research group, datalabs provides a complete platform that can meet a wide-range of data needs.


Integrate our social platform into your enterprise to increase employee productivity. Yap also provides you will the ability to deploy proximity based marketing strategies, this capability alongside timbe's media services will guarantee your customers a more enjoyable experience.


Deliver media content easily to mobile devices to increase revenue. With more people consuming more content via mobile devices, increase your audience base by providing mdeida services easily using the timbe media platform


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